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History of the NBRSF

Founded in 1962, the North Bay Regional Science Fair has been encouraging the pursuit of youth science and technology for over fifty years.

Each year, dedicated members of the North Bay community plan and work diligently to provide students with a regional science fair venue, and the opportunity for the winners of the regional fair to compete at the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

To date, thousands of students have participated in the NBRSF.

Over 60 years of PEO Support

The North Bay Regional Science Fair has had strong involvement from engineers of the local PEO chapter since the inception of the Regional Science Fair in 1962.


From the beginning, members of the Professional Engineers of Ontario have chaired the science fair and numerous PEO members have served on the organizing committee in various capacities.


The biggest contribution of volunteer engineers has been in the judging of the science fair. In addition to the many teachers, doctors, scientists and other professionals that judge the local projects every year, more than half the judging team is comprised of professional engineers. All of the judges involved with the science fair have made a lasting difference in many student’s lives.


In addition to the volunteer support, the local PEO chapter has been an annual financial supporter of the science fair. Notable about this lengthy support is that numerous engineers in town have gone from being students at the science fair to complete their education and return as volunteer judges and committee members.

We would like to thank all of our long-term supporters and volunteers for their dedication and support. This is just one group of individuals that help to make this event a reality

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