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Ethics and Safety Information

Please review the information below for your project

Violations of these regulations will lead to your project being disqualified 

Safety and Ethics

If you haven't reviewed the Project Guidelines; please do so HERE.  This only applies to Grades 7 through 12


Special safety policies exist for biotechnological projects (including those using recombinant DNA and synthetic nucleic acid molecules) as well as projects that involve the use of firearms, hazardous materials and/or hazardous equipment.  Email for application forms and regulatory information.

See link below for the safety regulations:

Safety in STEM Projects


Any project using human subjects, vertebrate animals, cephalopods (including octopus or squid), animal tissues and/or animal embryos must be approved in advance by the NBRSF ethics committee.  Email for application forms and regulatory information.

See link below for the Ethics regulations:

Ethics in STEM

All other information regarding policies and regulations from Youth Science Canada can be found HERE

Submissions for any ethics approval need to be submitted ONE month prior to fair date.  Email:

NBRSF Authority

While every effort will be made to prevent damage to exhibits, neither the Regional Science Fair nor other supporting organizations or cooperating groups will accept responsibility for loss or damage to any exhibits or part thereof.

Disqualification of any exhibit or student for any infraction of the rules or the disqualification of an exhibit of a dangerous nature, will be at the discretion of the North Bay Regional Science Fair Committee.

The North Bay Regional Science Fair Committee reserves the right to assign location-of-exhibit stations at the Fair venue. Due to potential restrictions on physical space for exhibits, the committee also reserves the right to limit the number of entries from any particular school.

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